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UK and Ireland Shipping

Slims Multi-grain Pops and Crackers are very light so will always be sent in a separate box to any other Slims products you order.  Delivery is free of charge for all Multi-grain Pop and Crackers.

All Slims Sauces, Syrups and Spreads orders over £15 have free delivery.  If your order is less than £15 for these products the delivery charge is £3.

What happens if you order some Multi-grain Pops and 1-3 Sauces Syrups or Spreads?  In this scenario you will have free delivery on your Multi-grain Pops and you will be charged £3 for the delivery of the other products.  This is because the value of the Sauce, Syrups or Spreads order is less than £15.  To take advantage of free delivery, top up your order of Sauces, Syrups and Spreads to £15 or more.

We only ship orders on Mondays and Thursdays.  Please allow 5 -7 days for delivery.

Shipping Outside of the UK and Ireland

Unfortunately, shipping outside of UK and Ireland is not currently available.