Slims Low Calorie Christmas Treat Ideas

Christmas is a time for beautiful food, indulgence and treating ourselves, but if we completely throw caution to the wind it just makes January all the harder.  We’ve all been there eh?  It’s all about balance, so alongside having the usual Christmas treats, we have come up with some really tasty low calorie ideas that you can substitute for some of the super calorific versions.  The best bit, they taste every bit as amazing!

Slims Heavenly Hot Chocolate

After a day of Christmas shopping and rushing about in the freezing cold, treat yourself to this winter warmer.

What you need:
– 100ml Skimmed Milk or dairy free milk alternative
– 150ml Boiling Water
– 1 tps of Slims 2 Cal Chocolate Syrup
– 2 Heaped teaspoons of low-calorie drinking chocolate
– Light/low-fat aerosol cream (optional)

How to Make:
Pick your favourite mug and and mix the drinking chocolate and 2 Cal Chocolate Syrup with warm milk and boiling water.  Stir well before topping with a little cream and a drizzle of 2 Cal Chocolate Syrup over the top. Enjoy 🎄


Slims Salted Caramel Latte

If there is one month of the year caffeine is required it’s December.  Popping into the high street coffee shops for a festive coffee can be tempting, but remember they are very high in sugar and calories.  Here is a Slims version that tastes amazing!

What you need:
– 150ml Skimmed Milk or dairy free milk alternative
– 100ml Boiling Water
– 1 tsp Instant Coffee
– 1 tps of Slims 2 Cal Salted Caramel Syrup

How to Make:

In a mug combine the coffee and 2 Cal Salted Caramel Syrup with warm milk and boiling water. Stir well. Keep a little warm milk, whisk lightly to create a froth and pour over the top.  Drizzle over some delicious 2 Cal Salted Caramel Syrup. 🎅🏼

Slims Christmas Tip: Use the rest of your salted caramel syrup to drizzle over your Christmas desserts.  Only 2 calories per portion so you can afford to use as much as you like 😋


All Natural Slims Christmas Favourites

Here’s how you can make your Christmas healthy and tasty.  Whether it’s bread for turkey sandwiches or crackers for cheese, all these carbs add up.  Having a pack of All Natural Slims in your Christmas cupboard provides you with a tasty but light alternative.

What you need:

  • All Natural Slims
  • You will have an abundance of Christmas food you can use as toppings

How to make:

When you start to get the Christmas munchies, reach for your All Natural Slims and start topping with your Christmas favourites 🤩


Slims Garlic and Blue Cheese Dips

Christmas nibbles are so much nicer with a dip, but a we know these can be super calorific.  Slims 2 Cal Garlic Mayo Sauce is the perfect solution.  It is full of flavour and can be used in so many ways.  Use as a garlic mayo dip on its own.  Or if you fancy something a little more creamy crumble in some of the blue cheese from your Christmas cheese board.  Perfect with wings or veggie sticks.

What you need:

  • Slims 2 Cal Garlic Mayo Sauce
  • Small piece of blue cheese

How to make:

For the garlic dip, simply pour the Slims Garlic Mayo into a serving dish.   For the blue cheese dip, crumble the blue cheese, sprinkle into the garlic mayo and mix through.

Slims Christmas Tip:  Use the remainder of your Garlic Mayo to drizzle over breaded mushrooms or party food for late night guests 🎄


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